Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SOFC Specifications

Stand-Alone Modular Integrated Box (Cube) Systems

Series or Parallel Inter-Connection for Scalability in Multiple MWs

At 100% Run-Time, Electricity Production is at 25kW per hour or 219,000 kWh per annum (18,250 kWh per month)

Consumes 12 liters of LNG for the required Hydrogen Amount to generate 25 kW per Hour


25kW 110-600 VAC / 12-48VDC Quiet Power Production.

Integrated Inverter automatically converts DC to AC.

Integrated Power Conditioner to ensure consistently Clean, Stable and Surge Suppressed Electricity.

25-Year Equipment Life-Span with a 7-Year Fuel Cell Stack Replacement.

Fueled by Propane and/or Natural Gas

Operates from -40°F to 122°F, Wet & Dry, Hot & Cold Conditions

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Our stylishly designed, robust and versatile  Solid Oxide Fuel Cell uses ion conducting ceramic material doped with 8-10 mole % of ytrria-stabilized zirconia at 700–1000°C as electrolyte, or certia based electrolytes when operating as low as 500°C, to conduct oxide ions. Our engineered device can internally reform natural gas and biogas, and can be combined with a gas turbine to produce without any combustion electrical and thermal energies at efficiencies as high as 75%. It is fit for stationary multi-MW grid scale or for autonomous distribution energy / on-site power (OSP) generation applications for industrial, commercial, and even residential sectors.

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Benefits of Fuel Cell Technology

Twenty First Century Energy Generation Here & Now

Consistent, Reliable, Stable, Clean High Efficiency Base Load Electricity 24/7

Applications: Stationary, Portable, Transport Sector

Primary Power, On-Site Power - Distributed Energy, Supplemental & Back Up Power

Combined Heat & Secondary Power Capability Modular - Scalable Systems to fit Various Capacities (kW, MW, Multiple MWs…);

Fuel Type Flexibility

Maintenance Friendly – NO moving parts; Safe to Use, Ultra-Quiet, Lowest Vibration Low Power Production Cost @ 7-Year ROI