Fuel Cell Power Inc. Founders

Chairman and CEO – Robert Thomas

Mr. Thomas is a professional who brings to the company an extensive business management background. He was a founder and CEO of Burlington Fasteners Inc., whose proprietary manufacturing technologies provided components for McDonnell Douglas and other Defense Manufacturing companies. Mr. Thomas’ career in the Aerospace industry and his high-level clearance rating with the US defense contractors has led to many on-going relationships within the upper echelon of Washington,DC. Mr. Thomas spent several years working with Boeing Aircraft and its subsidiaries during the early stages of development of the V22 Osprey, forming a grassroots organization of thousands of members to support lobbying in Washing for funding the V22 project. Mr. Thomas has spent the last several years developing business contacts in the Philippines and other Pacific Basin countries. He has been central to assessing and securing business partnerships and strategic alliances in the Telecom business.

President – Richard Tackels

Richard graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey with B.S. Business / MBA Graduatestudies (1978). Responsibly held extensive Management/ Finance positions, VP/SVP of Government Sales and Marketing to the Public Sector, US Government Agencies, US Military/Defense Contractors, State/Local Governments for over 40 years of highly successful Sales and Marketing experience in Data Communications, Deployable Power Systems for Fortune 50 Corporations (Motorola, Ricoh), Small Businesses and Startups positioned for acquisition. Also, founding President of an Infrastructure Company COMDEX selling Energy/Power Systems/Oil Exploration and Water Desalination Systems in the Middle East.

Vice President of Corporate and Distributor Sales – Andrew Deleyiannis

Andrew attended New England College (1986) and the University of Arizona (1991) where he studied Business Management. He has 25 years of sales experience specializing in power generation products. Andrew has led the sales and marketing for a range of organizations, including, small business startups, large corporations, the US Military, and Government contracting agencies. He has owned and run several companies over the past 30 years to include two government VAR’s, a government IT services company, two electronic retail brick and mortar businesses and an automotive services company. He has generated over 500 million dollars in sales across the Government, Public, and Private sectors.

Chief Operations Officer– William (Bill) Jay

Bill has worked in the DC area, Atlanta, Georgia, and Tampa Bay, Florida. Bill received degrees from Emory University (1980) and the University of Maryland (1981) while studying Business and Economics. Bill went into telecommunication and had 18 very successful years in the industry with over $300 Million in Sales., Bill later went on to own a full-service marina for ten years. While operating a marina, Bill acquired his Realtor and Mortgage Brokers license and went on to purchase two VR business brokerages. He has served as a consultant to firms such as Comdex Enterprise, BIlco, and Baron Properties on subjects such as renewable energy, satellite communication deployment, secure technologies, and the creation of joint ventures. Bill has been on 9 Board of Directors with companies focused on Hospitality, Real estate, Marinas, Alternative Fuels, and Security.